EVENT REPORTAGE ON WEF | EmTech Investment Meeting, Davos, Switzerland

Event Reportage for EmTech Investment Meeting on The World Economic Forum | 25 January 2019, Live Lab Dome, Davos, Switzerland.

EmTech Investment Meeting | Strategy, design, digital staging, implementation


The EmTech Investment Meeting is a not-for-profit community built and sponsored event that focuses on technologies, which will impact our lives in the coming years. It's all about our future. It is a once in a year opportunity to meet investment community, fast-growing companies, industry leaders, scientists and top media in one place! The most exclusive and unique place in Davos: The Dome.


The EmTech Investment Meeting at the Live Lab Dome in Davos gave investors, start-ups and veterans of the technology industry the opportunity to form cross-industry synergies through lectures and moderated networking. In an inspiring and constructive atmosphere where all the attention was focused on the stage program, participants discussed the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how the resulting technologies will positively impact our lives over the next few years. Each of the dome visitors had the opportunity to meet pioneers who are leaders in their technology fields. The panel discussion’s prominently staffed guest speaker list featured Juwan Lee, NexChange Group Chairman, Marc P. Bernegger, CFG Board Member, Kamran M. Khan, InfraTech Capital CEO, ex-World Bank, JP Morgan, Dmitry Alimov, Founder & MP of Frontier Venture Fund, Steve Kelso, Head of Europe at Galaxy Digital and Vladimir Novitskiy, Investor and Co-Founder, GoWeb. As always, the magnificent view from the Live Lab Dome of the Davos mountain scenery provided a spectacular backdrop for the five-hour event format and the perfect counterpart to the enthusiastic and constructive character of the event.




Sheila Warren Project Head, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, World Economic Forum

Mike Butcher Editor at Large, TechCrunch, The Pathfounder

Steve Kelso Head of Europe, Galaxy Digital

Serguei Beloussov Founder & Executive Officer, Acronis, Singapore

Marc P. Bernegger Board Member, CFG

Dmitry Alimov Founder & MP of Frontier Venture Fund

Tatiana Bilyk Head of Industrial Solutions Division, QBT

Yoshi Nakamura Head of Sales, Galaxy Digital

Lawrence Lerner CEO, Pithia

Anna Palmina Managing Director, PALMINA Invest

Raphael Auer President, Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA)

Mark Mueller-Eberstein CEO, Adgetec Corporation

Alina Gratschner Founder & CEO, Xmind (IEEE)

Boris Bernaskoni Founder, BERNASKONI bureau

Juwan Lee Chairman & CEO, NexChange Group

Gerardo Treviño Founder, PayBook

Aaron Stanley Live Journalism Editor, CoinDesk

Alex Pentland Professor, MIT

Maria Rybak Founder & CEO, PVLSE

David Solomon CEO, Blueprints

H.E. Khurram Shroff Chairman, IBC Group Ltd.

Dmitry Suschov Investor, Moonwalk.me & Eurasiamining.co.uk



Organisator: Anna Palmina www.palminaßinvest.com , Alena Yudina www.glstrategy.ch

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